About Acuworx

Acuworx is the acupuncture clinic reimagined.  Occupying a loft in the heart of Historic Downtown Jersey City’s vibrant community, Acuworx is an acupuncture studio unlike any other.  Here, we embrace the wisdom and techniques of ancient teachings in acupuncture to relieve stress, eliminate pain, restore wellness and promote deep healing.  Experience a style of acupuncture that allows you to become centered and improve your ability to live life at your highest potential. 

Our Philosophy

“Come for the pain relief, stay for the wellness.”

At Acuworx, we believe that acupuncture is a way of life—an approach to living that can help anyone achieve and maintain the next level of health.  In addition to relieving pain from a wide array of orthopedic conditions, regular acupuncture can help with: insomnia, stress reduction, headaches, seasonal allergies symptoms, infertility, digestive issues, and athletic performance.  While the vast majority of patients come for the pain relief, an even greater number stay for the wellness.



190 Columbus Dr., Studio 3A, Jersey City, NJ 07302