Self-care advocate,  ChicPeaJC , receiving acupuncture for stress relief. Photo:    M  ichael Perez

Self-care advocate, ChicPeaJC, receiving acupuncture for stress relief. Photo: Michael Perez


All living beings strive to maintain balance.  Humans have evolved complex systems that keep the body functioning properly.  Over the long-term, imbalances occur naturally from lifestyle, diet, and injuries. Unchecked, more persistent health issues can manifest as symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, fatigue, a cough, poor sleep, allergies, digestive issues, muscle spasms, etc. The goal of acupuncture is to eliminate symptoms and correct any underlying dysfunctions by bringing the body into energetic balance, and enable the body's own healing mechanisms.   Acupuncture is effective for pain elimination and restoring health.  No matter the symptom, we take a holistic approach and implement corrective measures from the ground up.  Benefits of regular acupuncture include decreased pain, improved sleep and energy, stress relief, and enhanced mood.