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The Power of 3: Reiki | Hypnotherapy | Acupuncture

  • Acuworx Acupuncture Studio 190 Christopher Columbus Drive Jersey City, NJ, 07302 United States (map)

What does Abundance and Success look like to you?

More opportunities for career growth? Abundance with love and relationships?

When we find ourselves striving for the next level in our lives and we just can't get there, it's most likely a block in our subconscious beliefs and energy field.

Acuworx is excited to join Jalpa Dhaduk and Leah Crescenzo for a powerful, experiential night where the ancient technologies of Acupuncture meet the power of Reiki and Hypnosis. Clear blockages and help create the abundance and success you've always desired.

The Power of Three is a powerful combination that helps clear blockages quickly and with ease.

How It Works:

  • Reiki, a Japanese technique of stress reduction, works with the main and subtle energy centers in the body to promote healing on all molecular levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Reiki is an energy healing modality that derives from the very same life force energy that flows through our cells and DNA. Reiki energy heals by getting to the core of your condition and flushing it out.

  • Hypnotherapy creates space and opens the gateway to communicate with your subconscious. RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy - is designed to access the subconscious mind, the part holding the answers to our problems. The subconscious mind holds onto all past experiences and beliefs until you can make sense of them. RTT helps to quickly and easily trace root causes of your mental or physical issues, patterns, and behaviors. Only then can they be reprogrammed, upgraded, and released.

  • Acupuncture's goal is to eliminate symptoms and correct underlying dysfunctions by bringing the body into energetic balance, and enable the body's own healing mechanisms. Acupuncture is effective for pain elimination and restoring health. No matter the symptom, a holistic approach is used to implement corrective measures from the ground up.

Prepare for the Event:

Please wear/bring loose clothing and a yoga mat. Removal of shoes is required during session.

Please arrive by 7:00 PM to check in. Event starts promptly at 7:15 PM

Tickets $45 on Eventbrite. Space is limited.