What to Expect

First Visit

During a typical first visit, the acupuncturist takes a detailed health history, and fully investigates the chief complaint.  A physical exam will also be performed which shall include examining the tongue and pulse.  Over the course of the first few visits, a treatment plan is designed.  In addition to acupuncture, other techniques including cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and herbal medicine may be prescribed. 

Follow-up Visits

The number of treatments for a wellness journey can vary from person to person.  Most experience symptom relief after one or two treatments, while others may take weeks to achieve lasting results.  Chronic conditions generally take longer to resolve than acute ones.  Other factors influencing the number of treatments needed include the patient’s lifestyle and overall health.  To resolve symptoms quickly, the initial phase of treatment may include multiple treatments in rapid succession.  During the wellness phase, treatments are less frequent.  We encourage patients to continue with treatments during the wellness phase to round out their healthy lifestyle and sustain the benefits of acupuncture in everyday life

How to Prepare

Dress in loose clothing so the acupuncturist can access past the elbows and knees. Try to eat a small meal or snack and refrain from consuming caffeine or alcohol about 1-2 hours before treatment.