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You Deserve A Treat Like This For Yourself

So, this review has been a long time coming. To be honest I never really believed in acupuncture nor thought much about it, but after some recent health issues, I knew I needed to look into alternate ways of healing my mind and body. Lucky for me, my google search of "acupuncture near me" led me to this magical space filled with positive energy and truly good people, who only want the best for their clients. 

First of all, the space is immaculately clean. As soon as you walk in the vibe is peaceful and serene, local artists art hangs from the walls, and there are nice sized private rooms for you to undergo the treatments in. During sessions soft music plays (the playlist is so good I even follow them on Spotify), the staff uses essential oil sprays, and the beds are so comfortable I've napped during sessions more times than I want to admit. Also, the heat lamps are a really nice touch. 

Panos, who is the owner, is by far one of the kindest human beings I've met. During my initial consultation, he took his time to talk to me about my concerns, needs, and wants; and almost a year later consistently follows up with me to discuss my progress each week. I honestly look forward to our sessions because with 20 + years of experience the man knows what he's doing. 

Kelly, the studio manager, is a warm, sweet and easy to talk to person.  Whenever I need to reschedule or change a time for my appointment, she is flexible with the scheduling and always finds a way to fit me in. If I have any questions about payments, insurance, or anything at all she's on it. 

Rebecca is also another licensed acupuncturist who I've seen a few times and she is very knowledge, professional, and helped me with my exact needs at the time. 

Overall after leaving each session I feel like a new person; more calm, enlightened, positive and steady. Long term this has helped my overall well-being and is an enjoyable addition in my healing journey. If you haven't tried acupuncture please do so and let this place be your first experience for it, because you deserve a treat like this for yourself. 

P.S.  Acuworx is highly involved in the wellness scene in Jersey City and collaborates with other professionals to provide special acupuncture events along with meditation, sound baths, hypnotherapy, tarot card readings etc. Pretty cool stuff. Great place all around. - EM on Yelp

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Way Above and Beyond Your Average Acupuncture Clinic

After months of suffering, just accepted that living with a chronic cough, debilitating seasonal allergies, and neck pain was a way of life since meds didn't work or had insane side effects.  However, after a few sessions at Acuworx, the cough and pain I had for months is gone.  Best decision ever.   After suffering for almost a year, a cousin recommended acupuncture. Saw on Yelp there was a Greek acupuncturist working out of a loft downtown so I gave it a shot, especially since my health insurance covered most of the cost. First off, the Acuworx space is gorgeous.  Job well done regarding location, design, and feng shui.  Felt better within seconds of walking in.  The vibe is healing and comforting from the scents, music, and colors that surrounded me.    Never tried acupuncture before but Panos had two decades of experience.  Each treatment was better than the one before.  The healing magic happened when he left the room.  Something about lying alone with the acupuncture needles, I could feel them working.  My body was communicating with my brain in a new way that created a healing response. The sliding cupping on my back was an amazing finishing touch.   Felt my lungs respond instantly.   This place would get 7 stars if possible.  Way above and beyond your average acupuncture clinic. -NS

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