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Improvement with Sinus and Sleep Issues

I'm so happy to have found Acuworx.  I was dealing with some health issues over the last couple of years and things became very difficult this summer.  I was diagnosed with an extremely rare syndrome and no viable treatment plan for my symptoms and pain aside from monitoring and over the counter pain medication as needed.  Out of desperation and curiosity, I finally decided to give acupuncture a try.  After a couple of sessions with Panos, I have already seen an improvement with my sinus and sleep issues.  At the end of each session, I feel relaxed and refreshed.  Panos is a great listener and has a calm demeanor.  The space is also beautifully set up.  From the soothing music, heated tables, and even a heat lamp for your feet, everything is so well thought out to help put your body and mind at ease.  I plan to continue seeing Panos to work through my health and pain issues.  I highly recommend him and Acuworx to anyone looking for a skilled local practitioner or anyone looking to try acupuncture. GL on Yelp

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No More Back Pain or Carpal Tunnel.

I’m a nurse with a very hectic schedule who travels to do home infusions. I’ve spent years in the ER, lifting heavy patients and being on my feet for very long hours. Due to all of this, my body is a mess, with back pain and carpal tunnel . Panos has helped tremendously to provide me ease of movement in my arms and less pain in my back to make my job much easier. Thankful that I have Acuworx on my route to go consistently to help. The place always smells amazing. Panos always provides a five star touch with a chakra balancing spritz and heated tables. He’s also hilarious and goes out of his way to make everyone comfortable. Always look forward to my visits- and best of all my insurance covers almost everything. Highly recommended! -SB on Yelp

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