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Absolutely Magical!

My mother and I both went to an event at Acuworx that included essential oils, singing bowls, sage, meditation, and acupuncture and it was absolutely magical! We both loved it! The atmosphere is beautiful from the exposed brick to the art work, we felt so comfortable and welcomed it was a very enjoyable experience. Panos and his staff are very knowledgeable and experienced. It’s also in the most perfect location of Jersey City, that we made a day of it and had lunch near by. I can’t wait to go back and this time will be bringing friends! - MP on Google

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Give It A Chance! Highly Recommend!

Really relaxed atmosphere, and the specialists here are very well versed in what they do. Sessions go in a manner that makes sure I am comfortable, which is such a relief for my chronic pain. As for results, I feel this has helped my herniated disc more than a third epidural ever could. Give it a chance and I think you'll find it helpful, if not relaxing. Highly recommend! - LG on Google

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Immediately Feel the Difference!

I highly recommend Acuworx and Panos. He is very attentive to helping with your pain and fixing the problem. I went in for shoulder pain and I have done 3 sessions of acupuncture and cupping. Immediately feel the difference! The office is comfortable and relaxing. Local artists splash the walls with color. Great vibe and experience. I'll definitely be back! - ET on Yelp

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Helped with Muscle Spasms, Fatigue, and Overall Mental State!

I've always been a believer and supporter of the benefits of acupuncture. I used to go all the time when I was younger and stopped since my acupuncturist moved away. A few months ago my husband hurt his back found this place. He came here a couple of times and said it helped tremendously. He ended up getting me a gift card for Valentine’s Day and I've been coming here ever since. The place is super chic, professional and relaxing. Panos is super nice and knowledgeable. Coming here for acupuncture has helped with my muscle spasms, fatigue as well as just my overall mental state. I cannot recommend it enough! - SW on Yelp

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Helped with Ankle Sprain, TMJ, Back Pain Maintenance

Panos is the best acupuncturist I have been to! He has helped me with an ankle sprain, a torn ligament in my thumb, TMJ, and back pain maintenance. He has helped my wife with vertigo and pregnancy/post-partum treatments. 

He is very accommodating; passionate about helping people feel better in Jersey City; and very friendly. 

Acuworx also has good hours. - SG on Yelp

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Leave Feeling Rejuvenated, Calm, & Energized

I am so happy to have discovered Acuworx!  Panos and his staff are professional, kind & they truly care about your wellbeing.  I look forward to my session every week because I always leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and energized.  I've also noticed an improvement in my sleep!  I highly recommend Acuworx to anyone looking to improve their health! - AI on Yelp

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Kept Me in Top Condition for Competitions

As a teenage competitive dancer my body is under constant stress. Between school and practice, acupuncture has kept me in top condition for competitions and meets. Acuworx is by far the best place I’ve been. Not only is the decor welcoming, Panos is kind, knowledgeable, and friendly. I always feel my best and ready to compete at the top of my game. Wish I could give them ten stars! - AV on Google

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Neck Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, You Name It - They Can Help You!

First timer over here! All I can is THANK YOU, PANOS! My expectations were totally blown away. From the moment you walk in to the moment you realize what they do actually works! The space is so calming with such amazing energy. Panos and his staff are so gifted in what they do. I decided to go for the cupping method and acupuncture after speaking to Panos and learning the different methods. He is so knowledgeable and so patient with you. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from anything with neck pain, insomnia, anxiety, you name it, they can help you! Highly recommend Acuworx! - LL on Google

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Best-In-Class Acupuncture Services

Yes! Finally, a local option for best-in-class acpuncture services — I had been commuting into NYC weekly for years. I’ve been working with Panos and his team for over a year now. It’s an inviting space (sights, smells, sounds) and the owner and acupuncturist, Panos, is A++. Not to mention, they have early evening appointments which is a dream for us 9-5ers. My treatments are a mix of acupuncture and cupping and Panos knows just what to do to fix me up (stress, allergies, etc). - MN on Google

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Acuworx Has It All!!!

The Space - First time doing acupuncture and after having read reviews, chose Acuworx. The physical space is immaculate, warm, comforting and inviting. They have individual rooms, the most relaxing music and overall a great atmosphere.

The Service - Not knowing what to expect, as it was my first time, I was pleasantly surprised. Panos, took great care in listening to my ailments and recommended cupping as well.

Panos - Roll all that into one and in comes Panos! Panos is simply a great guy. Soft spoken, takes his time with you, always has a smile on his face and welcomes you like you are in his home.

As a consumer, a place is only as good as the people who work it and Acuworx has it all!!! - LD on Yelp

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40 Weeks Pregnant...Started Seeing Progress!

So lucky to have found this acupuncture studio when I needed it the most! I was 39 weeks pregnant (40 now) and my OBGYN recommended acupuncture to speed up things and avoid having to get induced. I live in Jersey City and wanted to stay local so I googled this placed and hit the jackpot. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze and I was so impressed with the studio and the service the first time I came in. So beautiful and so definitely puts you in the right state of mind. I am loving each of my sessions and as of this morning I started seeing progress (TMI - for those who are not pregnant but let’s just say that things “opened up”!). - AG on Google

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Acuworx is My Top Pick!

I've been to various acupuncturists in Hudson County and Acuworx is my top pick, by far! Recommended to me by my friends at wellness in JC. Panos is incredibly skilled, quick & gentle and you can barely feel the needles. To all the ladies out there, I had never been to a male acupuncturist before visiting Panos. Very safe and secure environment, relaxing, the space is immaculately clean, the music is always incredible and the spritzes of fragrance before each session from Aveda (and the occasional guided visualization before Panos leaves the room) set the tone for a beautiful session. The bathroom is also full of inspirational quotes and the water pitcher is always a welcome sight when arriving to the practice. Can you tell I'm a fan? Also a very quick walk from the Grove Street Path. - AS on Yelp

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Relaxing and Comfortable Atmosphere

This is a wonderful acupuncture studio! The attention to detail in the space creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Panos is very personable, a great listener, and has extensive knowledge. He has a gentle approach, which soothed my worries during my first visit. He works with many different kinds of people with a variety of ailments/needs. I'm very glad to have acupuncture in my arsenal of healing tools, and I'll certainly be back! - MG on Google

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Made Me a Believer

Acuworx was recommended to me by a friend and I had an excellent experience. Panos is a personable therapist who immediately made me at ease with his friendly and down to earth manner. Being a bit allergic to clinical settings I loved the zen-like, decidedly cool space. Most importantly, my migraines have settled down. Panos made me a believer and I will be back. Thank you so much. - MH on Google

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Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

The office is beautiful and very relaxing. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! Between acupuncture, cupping and Gua-sha (my favorite), they really helped me with my neck and shoulder pain, and as a bonus I was also sleeping better! They were also very accommodating with my last minute appointment requests! Thanks a lot Panos and Rebecca! - FG on Google

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If You're a First Timer...

I strongly recommend Acuworx. Panos, the acupuncturist, is very skilled, knowledgeable, and a natural people-person. If you're a first-timer, Panos has the soft touch to make it all go very well. And I've seen real improvement on my shoulder pain. In addition, the Acuwox studio is marvelous, the best acupuncture facility I've been to! The architecture and design is top-notch! -GC on Google

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Improvement with Sinus and Sleep Issues

I'm so happy to have found Acuworx.  I was dealing with some health issues over the last couple of years and things became very difficult this summer.  I was diagnosed with an extremely rare syndrome and no viable treatment plan for my symptoms and pain aside from monitoring and over the counter pain medication as needed.  Out of desperation and curiosity, I finally decided to give acupuncture a try.  After a couple of sessions with Panos, I have already seen an improvement with my sinus and sleep issues.  At the end of each session, I feel relaxed and refreshed.  Panos is a great listener and has a calm demeanor.  The space is also beautifully set up.  From the soothing music, heated tables, and even a heat lamp for your feet, everything is so well thought out to help put your body and mind at ease.  I plan to continue seeing Panos to work through my health and pain issues.  I highly recommend him and Acuworx to anyone looking for a skilled local practitioner or anyone looking to try acupuncture. GL on Yelp

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Used to Suffer From Back Pain...

Used to suffer from terrible low back pain. Thought I was going to have to live with it. Physical therapy wasn’t working so my PT suggested acupuncture so referred me to Acuworx. Wish I had gone there first. Not only is my back pain gone but I sleep better and have a lot more energy. The studio is beautifully decorated and they go out of their way to create a fantastic experience. Highly recommend. -LS on Google

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